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A1 Payroll Solutions are registered payroll agents with HMRC.  Employers responsibilities are becoming ever more complicated and time consuming.  There are may expensive penalties in place for not meeting these responsibilities.


The Inland Revenue are now called Her Majestyís Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and have responsibility for collecting tax & national insurance deducted through payroll via the pay as you earn (PAYE) schemed.  They also set rules, regulations and rates for statutory payments and deductions made through payroll.


What A1 Payroll Solutions Can Do For You

Register as your payroll agent enabling us to act on your behalf with HMRC


Complying with the rules and regulations of PAYE & National Insurance is compulsory as an employer. Under this scheme HMRC must be paid across the Tax and NI that you have deducted via payroll each month. Never miss a deadline again!  We will calculate your monthly liability and send this to you on time!
Tax Codes
We ensure the correct tax code is being operated for each of your employees and that the correct amount is being deducted.
Statutory Payments
HMRC have complicated rules governing payment of SSP, SMP, SPP, SAP, Student Loans, Pensions, Redundancy Pay and Minimum Wage requirements. We have current and extensive knowledge and HMRC training, ensuring your payroll is fully compliant with all requirements and rates relating to statutory payments.

New Starts and Leavers
We will complete all required paperwork and send to HMRC for all new starts and leavers on your payroll.
A1 Payroll Solutions use HMRC approved payroll software.
Online Filing
From May 2010 the government will make it compulsory to file your year end returns online (via the internet).
A1 Payroll Solutions are registered payroll agents with HMRC
What A1 Payroll Solutions Can Do For You!

As your payroll agent we can file your year end return online for you, using our secure and confidential internet access.

HMRC charge a late filing penalty for £100 per month - make sure you avoid this by using our service!
It will soon be compulsory to submit all payroll related paperwork to HMRC online including P45ís, P46ís etc., which we can do on your behalf acting as your payroll agent.
Online Filing Only Service
Even if you do not require a weekly or monthly payroll service, and are just looking for someone to file your year end return online, we are happy to provide this service.

A1 Payroll Solutions

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