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"As a registered payroll agent we can deal with the inland revenue on your behalf-no more lengthy & frustrating calls to call centres!"

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Payroll Services - Why Us?

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Why chose A1 Payroll Solutions to process your payroll?
A1 Payroll Solutions provide a comprehensive payroll service that is unique to your requirements!
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There are many advantages for your business regardless of the size of your organisation, or the number of employees you have.  Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your payroll to A1 Payroll Solutions:-

 Save Time

Free up your valuable time by letting us process your payroll.  You do not have to recruit, train and monitor a Wages Clerk.  Benefit from the time saved in keeping up to date with ever changing legislation and HMRC rules and regulations.

 Save Money

Our payroll specialists have years of experience, training and qualifications. Let A1 Payroll Solutions process your payroll and reduce your costs by freeing up staff resources. You do not have to purchase costly software, office equipment or stationary. You will find our low monthly fees great value for money.

 Peace of Mind

Our payroll specialists have years of experience, training and qualifications so you can be rest assured that your payroll will be fully compliant with the latest HMRC Regulations and will be produced and delivered to you on time.


A1 Payroll Solutions are HMRC registered payroll agents and use HMRC approved software.  Your payroll data is stored securely and only authorised personnel have access.  All company and employee information is highly confidential and will only be used for payroll processing purposes.

 Professional Reliable and Accurate

At A1 Payroll Solutions we pride ourselves on providing a professional service.  We have procedures and checks in place to ensure your payroll is processed timeously and accurately.

 Keep Your Employees Happy

Employees are often a company’s biggest asset, so ensure their payroll is administered correctly and on time.



A1 Payroll Solutions

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